Year of Travel

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With over 3 years of Zero to minimum Travel. I have decided 2023 should be my year of travel. But with Travel becoming unaffordable. I will need to get creative and figure out ways to minimize spending Even if it means i have to drive all the way to a nearest country.  So my next Trips scheduled are

  • India
  • Bahrain
  • UAE
  • Malaysia
  • Turkey
  • Georgia
  • Saudi Arabia

All these countries are specifically chosen keeping in mind, my project trainings, meeting new friends, networking, business, bucket lists and more. So 2023 this blog will fly with alot of travel ideas, thoughts, rants and more. Not clear if im going along or with family/friends. But if any one of you want to tag along. Email me on

Have to start focusing on adapting to new ways to earn miles, from creditcards, to online opportunities and more. Going to make 2023 a fun year.

Sharing is caring!