100+ Blog posts Anniversary

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Today i realised, i have reached over 100+ posts and a steady growth in readership. I dont have a viral following yet. I dont intend to make the blog viral, but rather let it be found holistically and organically and get followers who love my content, than be forced to read via ads, or targeted marketing.

I need to constantly stress, that the blog had originally started as all out venting platform, but then found home to many of my serious articles, and then became dormant for sometime and is now back again alive due to my personal challenges in my own journey of life and yes, i also use it to improve my writing, and discussion skills.

So if you have read something from the blog that has helped you immensely then, im happy that it did.

I believe Blogging should be heavily encouraged to Kids of all ages from School to Universities. Contributing back to the internet, in the form of articles, digital media and more, will help keep the Internet to be more beneficial that just the rubbish it also offers. I also believe that adults should write/rant on their own blogs and contribute to the virtual space.

If you need help to setup a blog. Email me at rayboy28@gmail.com

Sharing is caring!