The Enemy of my Friend, is not my Friend

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In Game of Thrones , i noticed, how everyone’s enemies come together to resolve one goal ahead. it seems exciting, how everyone is now against just 1 focused issue. But what i dont understand, is how? how do we bury the hatchet of the past and move ahead. How do we close the backstabbing of the past and move ahead ? …

In our Christian faith, we are taught about the power of forgiveness. But what about a willful offender? someone whose intent is to put you down.

As a strategist, i have always been focused on my goal and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. However if goals change, once achieved, breaks me down as im not diplomatic. Im true to my direction and dont falter to anything … Thats what soldiers do. Soldiers are not diplomatic. They have one goal, achieve! …

So when Enemies of my friends, become Friends of my Friend. What do i do then?

im told be diplomatic… how ? is something that i need to figure out.

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