Saudi win against Argentina is much more than Football

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One of first surprises in this FIFA, is Saudi 2-1 win aganist WorldCup Winners Argentina.  But Apart from the cheer, joy, excitement comes a deep understanding of whats truly going on.

Saudi Arabia has been on a race, to change the way the world looks at the country. For over a decade now, the Saudi Leadership has started to work on a Holistic approach to improve various functionaries as a country. From finding ways to move away from Oil Revenue, to opening up new reforms as Driving acceptance for local Women.

However the country didnt limit its growth only to tourism and local reforms. but also changed its policies towards business investments, attracting investors and more to have a bigger influx of Foreign Capital investments into the country.  But now, Its investment into Sports and other skills, and a successfull win against a Argentina in a global sporting event. They have created Waves,  that the Saudi’s are serious towards their future.  It just made their home, an attractive investment zone.

Saudi will become the next happening country in the world in the near future.

Mashalla Saudi Arabia….. Wish you all the best!

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