About Ray ‘theITGoan’

Hey There!

Since you are here, you have found my unofficial Ranting – Venting – Outburst Platform. Usually you will see me training, teaching, doing tech, politics and more. But its a more Personal Space that i share publicly coz – i am HUMAN.

Here you will see the HUMAN RAY, journeying through Life, facing challenges, failures, obstacles, broken relationships and more.

Why share my life ? 

  1. Helps me rant alot (i dont care of judgement)
  2. Helps me be human and keep a sanity check on my emotions
  3. Maybe helps others who are challenged the way i am in different stages of Life in general
  4. Helps contribute back to the Internet
  5. Share Ideas, thoughts, art and more.

What will i gain?

  1. Most like nothing, i wont be monetizing this blog
  2. Fan Following? I dont know … thats again not the intention
  3. “Understanding Ray” …. maybe for my friends, family, coworkers and more
  4. Writing Skills, Grammar, English and more …. to some extent
  5. Learning and strengthening my wordpress skills …. Yup!!!!!
  6. Openly talk about controversial topics
  7. Just being there in Cyberspace.
  8. Be listed in search engines

What about Social Engineering?

  1. There isnt much that you can build up from my articles. As my credentials strategy is no where linked
  2. You may know basics of where i am, what i do , where i stay… but thats already there …. almost everywhere if you are known in the IT and Socio Political Communities.

Can i contribute?

  1. Yes ofcourse, we can have co-written articles

What about Copy Rights?

  1. Yes, i have taken some pics from the net. i do my best, so that its from royalty free sites
  2. However if i have taken something from you and have not given you due credit, pls email me on rayboy28@gmail.com . Please note, no image or artwork has been taken for commercial purposes. This blog is not commercial in anyway.
  3. Any reference to anyone living or dead is purely for opinionated articles and not for any study.