Didnt sign up for this S#$%!

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Sometimes when you do things on a voluntarily basis. You end up facing things that you dont want to hear, or spoken to about. Likewise with many of the voluntarily things i do as a part of my growing up , networking, learning, etc. You end up being the listening end, to a wind of words, insults and many times unwanted accusations .

The Same happens in Toastmasters, once you take up the leadership roles and beyond the club, you need to be ready for all the Jabs, hooks, punches (quote / Ramona) that will be thrown onto you and majorly, when its not your fault or you have no role in the issue itself.

Makes one wonder, i didnt sign up for this shit! Should i quit, should i withdraw, should i be aggressive and fight back…. a volley of thoughts that need to be processed and most of the time makes you react without thinking.

But then… life is all about such incidents, The good thing is Toastmasters platform makes you face such incidents and gives you an opportunity to try different leadership styles to see what works best to solve it. The opportunity to try different methods, to examine the results, to take the necessary action is vital to find your style. And … thats what makes me continue, though sometimes being a sponge is more than you can handle.  For that , have someone neutral to talk to and maybe get some advise. Or Sometimes just take a break from it all.

Till then.. cheers!






Sharing is caring!