Death or Prison : Drug Overdose

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Today, i had to experience something in life, that we talk about in school, college, 100s of “Dont Do” advertisements. The experience was painful and revived my opinion that drugs are dangerous.

I personally dont do drugs, in any form. Not even Weed, which was supposed to be simple and not so powerful (as told to me). So experiencing an all time “high” is something i dont have in bucket list.  So i can never relate to the dangers of drug abuse, though i have read about it, heard about, watched it on TV. Yes, i had a cousin, who was a victim to it, But i have always met him when he was sober and but out of family respect  to me, he would never do anything when im around.

Today was different, i had a quick morning meeting with Toastmaster John, in salmiya, and then had to pick up my wife at 12.30, but since she her plan got extended ,  i decided to go home. While i exited the parking & got onto Essa Al Qatami street,  i noticed a man  had exited his parked car and fall down, but he picked himself and again fell on the road. i was deep in my thoughts and didnt quite realise what was happening, though  everything happening, just infront of me.  Next thing, the man collapsed on the road, foaming in his mouth. it shook me from my thoughts, i got out of the car, with me an elderly man also got out and ran to him.

The man was stiff, and extremely heavy. We managed to call more people to help us. when i realised we had enough help, i decided to call 112 our emergency line and reported the incident.  They assured to send us help.

It was very hot, so we decided to put him back into the car, he was not in his senses, still stiff, but his hands, head was bleeding, probably with the falls.  In the car, we noticed 2 other guys, out cold. We didnt know if they were dead, unconscious, or just sleeping. For some reason the police and the ambulance was taking time.

Since i had made the call to the police, my phone was the point of contact. But i was running out of battery, so i went back to the car to charge it.  The elderly man called me to pour water on the other 2 guys. I was a bit scared to be honest, coz if they wake up, they could get uncontrollably aggressive and in this tense moment, a provoked aggression is definitely was not welcomed . i sprinkled alittle on them and surprisingly both of them woke up. One guy infact, just got up  and immediately ran away. The Second guy, took some time, looked at his paralyzed friend, tried to revive him and fell back to sleep.

It seems they were super high, not on booze , but something more dangerous. The first person, was going in and out of his senses, and could talk, but he was still stiff, bleeding and foaming. he was crying, telling us . That they met with an accident, but it didnt seem like. their car had not one scratch or dent and it was perfectly parked.  But then we realised, he didnt want to report a “drug overdose incident” . he started begging, but he realised we were not listening. He called out to me, started to speak in Hindi. Bhaiya, mera haat burn ho rahahe, pls kuch karo (bro, my hands are burning, pls do something). Then he told the elderly person in arabic. please remove the bag from the back. We started to search at the back, but in that moment, the other man, who fell asleep suddenly woke up and ran outside with a small bag.  We decided not to chase him, as we needed to be with the paralyzed person until the ambulance came.

The paralyzed person started to plead not to call the cops. the people told him to just be “thankful to God” that he is safe, or he could have been run-over.  He was crying.  by then the cops came , we explained everything. They spoke to him, asking him what had happened, what he ate etc.  We couldnt hear as we kept our distance. We told the police about the other 2 who ran away. The cops said they will handle it from here , the ambulance came and took  the paralyzed man.

The whole incident shook me alot becoz.

  • Here is a man, who had to choose between death (run-over, bleeding, drugoverdoze) and prison just to be saved from death, just becoz of the pleasure he gets from drugs.
  • His friends, who probably enjoyed with him prior, deserted him when he needed them the most.
  • Luckily they were parked, but what if his Drug induced “Fit” happened during driving and harmed others. That road is always filled with children, families and others.
  • He will spend alot of years in prison, banned from exiting Kuwait. Thus his family and any dependents will be affected.

All of the above, just for a few moments of expensive pleasure.

Its the first time, i have personally got involved in such a situation. But it has confirmed my opinion that drugs are dangerous and you can destroy your life and those of others.

Please “do not” do drugs.



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