Book Review : Hooked

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This book shows us how to apply our understanding of habits into making products for business. It is explained as the “Hook Model” with a trigger, action, reward, and investment.

It is about finding what kind of “pain” or “itching” occurs in a customer and find a way to use this to the advantage by providing a product that can satisfy the “itch”. But this also requires making the product simple and accessible easily. Anyhow, this book explains the importance of studying a customer and also making a product that you want to actually use and believe that it will help and benefit the customer.

I enjoyed reading this book, as it can help us building compelling and more impactful product lines, that could ensure along term loyalty to the business.

Luckily there is a Video Summary of this book that could be viewed. The Author has a 22-Min Long talk on the subject on Youtube as well, which complements his book.


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