Hanging for Eating beef- Excellent response by Kashyap Bandodkar

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This is a good response over the recent issue by Hindu Extremist leaders like Saraswati.

Goenkara, this one is for you!

I have always strongly believed that when the ugly head of extremists under the garb of religion shows up, it has to be members of that religion itself who must take a stand and make their voice heard, more than anyone else, hence this is important. Like all religions, Hinduism has it’s share of extremists. This post is directed only towards that fringe and no one else.
Today after some SELF PROCLAIMED defenders of Hindus gathered in Goa and declared that India should be a Hindu nation, democracy must be done away with and that all thoes who eat beef must be publically hanged, it is of utmost importance for all of us Goans to STAND TOGETHER and unanimously REJECT it.
They also urge Christians and Muslims to accept Hinduism as their faith and do a ‘ghar wapasi’
The fringe is giving a bad name to the beautiful religion and it’s members and will lead to dangerous stereotyping. They do NOT represent the Hindus.
What is on your plate is NONE OF MY BUSINESS. I may be a Hindu, and I may consider the cow as divine, but that does not mean that I impose my beliefs on you, as I expect you to not impose your beliefs on me. Please, come over your religious and political affiliations and rally towards the single unifying cause of HUMANITY above all and the cause of Goa.
We Goans have been one happy big family and do not need others to come into our homes and dish out dictates and sermons to us.

Let’s not get into religion and political bashing, sarcasm or rhetoric, no time for it, time to stand together firmly and show the door to anti social elements, that try to provoke.

have we forgotten the essence of goenkarponn and what it stands for?
Goenkara, tuzhi vaat chukta

If the self proclaimed representative had declared to hang rapists, I am sure many would have rallied behind them, but here we are talking about the hanging of the democratic values that this nation was built upon,and I am NOT ready to give that up.
Jai Goa
Jai Hind
Long live democracy and India
Kashyap Bandodkar

Pic Credit : daily-sun.com

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