Good Bye AAP Goa…

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So im going to make this announcement, i had taken this step few weeks back officially, but its time i inform my friends, family and all those who supported me in my first ever political endeavor.

I have decided to quit AAP. i will remain to be loyal to the AAP Ideology. But has officially dropped out of the party. In the last 11 months of being super active, i believe that our AAP leaders (baring few) do not practice what they preach.

Im not leaving, becoz we lost the elections. Im leaving, becoz we failed to introspect and make immediate changes. We continue to keep trouble makers and all those who slowed down our growth. We focus more on Non Goan issues , than what really affects Goans.

National leaders had suffocated our Goan Candidates and Goan leaders and they didnt want anyone to come in their path. I personally brought it up many times. but nothing seemed to have stopped them and infact was sidelined.

Goan cannot be controlled by anyone . this is not our nature. We will never be slaves to anyone.

Some who knew about my decision, asked if i would resign, if we won the elections. My Answer – Yes. Becoz i cannot bear to see corruption in something i support.

But AAP did bring something for me. AAP connected me, with so many like minded Goans who genuinely fought for a better Goa . I have made amazing friends , who are like family to me. And all those who voted for AAP, i will continue to support and fight for them.

AAP also helped me understand my talents, my capabilities and skills. it was like renewal of my own self towards my strengths and weaknesses. Many of my friends, told me i didnt belong in AAP. but i was married to the ideology. i knew what they were telling me, but i had hope. But today i am depressed that an amazing ideology, still remains a theoretical idea.

I dont intend joining BJP , Goa forward or congress. As their betrayal of Goans and Goa has been unchecked and rampant. I will be working on individual capacity for sometime or helping many other groups that have mushroomed.

My fight for a better Goa, and a better future for Goans will continue.

Mog assundi

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