From Basic Wolves to Evil Intentions!

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Working with AAP has introduced me to lot of new friends, Family and to wolves and moles in our camp. But what it didn’t prepare me is when I recently found dangerous people with a evil intentions tryin to piggy back on the AAP wave to gain fame and glory.

It’s very important that AAP needs a total whitewash of such dangerous elements. After exposing few in the last few months, offlate, I have come across this one personality who seems to be either jealous or has some evil gain of defaming my Goan Brother who has worked so hard for a better Goa. My brother who is so loved in his village , who is amazingly loved on social media , suddenly has a nemesis who is out to destroy his identity, the love that he shares with family and others.

Worse is my brother didnt even do anything to him!!!

What breaks my heart is that i worked together with such elements unknowingly, with hope for a better Goa and if these were their intentions and that they would harm genuine Goans. Then they dont deserve to be in the platform that was made to save our Goa. Becoz they would just not be there to save Goa, but focus on their own evil desires.  i was too blind with my focus being Goa. Now  that i am introspecting on our loss and my own future without AAP and how to work for Goa. More and more incidents and situations are coming up and exposing themselves.

Stay away from wolves, but stay miles away from those who are against you with an evil vendetta.

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