& the wolves continue….

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Looks like a reader “Godwin” from colva posted a letter to Gomantak times editor, about my article.

Well a couple of pointers , he need to know.

  1. Royla For Benaulim FB Page is not an “AAP Official Royla Fernandes Page”. AAP Goa stressed that only Candidate profiles are official channels for individual candidates. “Royla for Benaulim” is managed by a group of volunteers, who are AAP benaulim supporters and also dont agree with whats going on within the benaulim camp.
  2. So there was NO endorsement as an official post from Royla or AAP. this is a Fan supported platform, and the link came from NRIGOAN.COM.
  3. “Time will Tell comment” , is definitely some of the disgruntled volunteers, who are planning their next move and we will await to see what they are planning.

In short, the internal issues, has played a major role in slowing down a potential win.  Something to ponder and do something about.

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