Travel, Safety, Crime & Women Travelers!

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Offlate, a new crime has been thrown out into the media of a foreign female tourist murdered and probably raped too. a Few years back another Female young tourist was raped and murdered in Goa.

Does this mean, Goa is not safe for travelers?  I dont agree. Though my post will be a controversial , but its important to have this said.

I was reading this amazing article by Goan Traveler/Blogger, Jeremy about women travelling the world alone. “Safety tips for Solo Female Travelers”  Its a must read.

Its is very rightly he and his guest bloggers mention these lines.

  • Set a curfew, totally depends on your gut.

  • When making new connections, use your best judgment.

  • Don’t trust everyone, be smart with your judgments and always keep an eye out for your drinks.

  • Don’t let guys think they can take advantage of you because they will usually try.

To add to this, i find it odd that travelers comes from abroad and end up dating  people, who they dont even know, no references, end up going to shady places etc. and finally Goa gets a bad name.

There is evil in every corner of the world. Whats important is that you need to be careful, stay away from any relations who asks you more than meets the eye. Blaming Goa for this tragedy, blaming our tourism industry is definitely not right.

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