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I dread paperwork. Going to any government office to get paper work has been always something I shiver and try to abstain unless it’s absolutely needed.

It was time to renew my passport and going to the embassy to do this is a day’s waste of time. The last time I did passport paperwork was 3 years ago for my kids passport.

It’s been almost 10 years since I did my work, so finally it was due. I heard about Cox and Kings global services in Kuwait. They are the agency who has been awarded the outsourcing contract by the Indian embassy to ease off of the load of the huge number of indians.

So very reluctantly I decided to try them. So I go late evening around 4 pm, with literally nothing but my passport and enough cash for the task. No photos, no copies, no forms nothing. A recipe for disaster. Guaranteed to be refused by the authorities.

What surprised me was they welcomed me, understood my requirements, filled my forms, took my photographs, made the copies. All within 30 mins. Gave me the receipt for passport collection and I was on my way home. 

Wow! A real Single window for your paperwork. I am impressed and highly recommend them. 

Saved time, effort and my sanity.

Photo Credit: Mathai

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