No Central Events Calendar in Kuwait

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I realised there is no proper “Things to Do in Kuwait” , we had organized a recent event last week, inviting a world no. 2 speaker Aditya Maheswaran . One of my jobs was to market the event online/offline.  As a social media professional, i have the ability to flood the media with posts all over , but chose not to, since this is a serious and professional event, decided to contact popular sites, portals to see if they could publish our event. Many of them did. Some wanted me to pay . Since its was toastmasters event, it was for non-profit, so paying was out of the question.

But many popular blogs and portals chose to ignore my request, not even answer, which i found it a bit offending, as here i am trying to promote an event which is affordable and can change your life with a world renowned trainer.  Nevertheless “its ok” is my motto and life goes on.

Our Event was successful, we had a good response of over 150 plus attendees.


However this event got me thinking, that there is no one popular site or portal that focusing core on Events and Things to do in Kuwait. thus making it difficult for people in Kuwait to have awareness of whats going around them.  It gives me an idea to work on and see i can have more people onboard for the same.

Sharing is caring!