D20TAC / an overwhelming experience!

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When i joined toastmasters, a question, i was asked many times. Have you attended and experienced DTAC? My answers was No, No and No…!

Whats the big deal about attending a toastmasters conference, when we do enough of toastmasters sessions at our clubs and other clubs and contests etc. Enough please, with the talking!!!  But being the president of Kuwait Challengers, it was important to represent my club at this “prestigious” event. So i blindly registered months in advance, took the early bird offer and waited impatiently.  So come May 11/12 , in the days prior, im unhappy, that my cherished weekends will be taken away from my family, and timeout from my work routine.

The Day arrives, and im there at the event, with only the comfort of few of my toastmaster friends and my amazing club members who were attending as well. Awaiting for the majestic energy that will overwhelm us all!

And it happened, Speakers after Speakers came forth with the best of their abilities, enthralled us with amazing content and delivery styles.  Each of them was magical in their own. It was like the best of Middle East came forward to prove a point, that they were the best ! … and truly they were all, the very best of District 20 for the term, 2017-18.

Speaking Categories of Humorous, Table Topics, Evaluations and Finally the prized International Speeches were all filled with talented speakers. No Wait , i should call them as Speaking Artists! . The quality was amazing.

The Second part of the excitement was the Club/Area and Division awards and the positive cheer to all those who won them. It was amazing to see my club and fellow clubs, come on stage and be excited about the year of challenges and how we all overcame them.

The most exciting session was with World No.1 Speaking Champion , TM Prez Vasiliv, who shared his personal journey about winning the world championship.


Our members were together, we were about 11 of us who registered for this event and 2 joined in later for day 2.

The highlight of the event , was that we celebrated the 21st Wedding anniversary of our amazing members TM Cajetan and TM Priscilla


So it was truly an amazing time out to experience greater speaking artists, bonding with our fellow members, networking with others and winning great awards for our club, our area and our division.


Another amazing element, was our very own TM Christy was elected as the future Division Director  for I.


So when im faced with the question, Did you attend DTAC. Yes i did and it was amazing. Well done District 20 !



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