When the Common Man Joins Politics!

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For the 1st time, AAP a national party encouraged Goans to don the AAP topi and follow a common man’s party to win a corruption-free Goa.

Many brushed it off as B teams of other parties, or were there to split votes, and called AAP many names. Many said yes Goa needs a change and will vote. But few said, we will work towards it.

The Common Man mostly comprised of citizens, living a normal life, office goers , small time entrepreneurs, housewives, farmers, activists, traders. Many of them dedicated family members who spent alot of time with their children and their own close knit society.

95% of them were not political strategists , seasoned politicians, game changers or more. None of them had experience to make political affiliations, underground dealings, etc. They were just the common man!

So when aap lost? why the celebrations against AAP?  who did BJP or Congress or Goa Forward win against? the common man? BJP and others fought against housewives, elderly people, small traders, retired goans ? BJP Goa forward and Congress others strategised against common goans who dont know to make any political dealings?

They fought against the common Goan who walked and knocked at every door step? they fought against Female candidates who left their small children at home while they toiled out for goans?  they fought against Goans, who spent their hard earned money to donate for aap? They fought against NRIs who flew down to Goa to cast their vote for aap for a better future for Goa?

So the victory dance of BJP, Congress, and GF has no substantial value. Becoz they fought with the common man. It was not a fair fight.  They did everything possible to ensure a win.

So what do we learn from this? Donkeys praising their tails?

The Common Man will rise, today as AAP, tomorrow as something else, or maybe AAP will be there again. But the Common Man will rise and defeat corruption.

We are young, inexperience in this political arena, but we will learn, we will share love and concern for our Goan future and we will Win!


Sharing is caring!