Love Vs Corruption?

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With the loss of AAP in the recent Goan elections. People started blaming Goans that they are fools for choosing the wrong people as MLAs once again. People blamed Goans for not being able to see beyond corruption. They say Goa is over, Gone to evil. Goans will never change?

Whats my opinion?

I felt, we didnt Love Goa and Goans enough. We didnt teach them what love can do! and how it can over-ride corruption. Our AAP CM Candidate Elvis Gomes once told me.

Ray we need to reach Goans emotionally . We need to guide them emotionally that Goa is suffering. If we break the emotional barrier, we have won this elections before it even started.

So Can love break corruption? I believe it can. the reason i worked with AAP was when i saw so many Goans who love Goa, who became warriors for our land. They had no political affiliations. They were there for Goa. Goa First. This is Love. Love for your land, and love for your people.

When people love their land, love their themselves. It can over-ride anything. No politician can buy such love. No one can break this passion.

One of my Aunt, who is a Catholic Nun, once gave me a song as a kid. “Love, Love Changes everything” The Song inspired my growth. It inspired my love of my State, for my people. It inspired my work. Coz without Love nothing can progress.

We can win our Goa, back when we go into the hearts of Goans and not necessarily only at their door step. Go into their lives, Help them emotionally , Hold their hands towards their future.

That is Love for your people!.

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