Building websites…

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This concept of building webpresence for corporates or entities has become extremely saturated apart from competitive. 

The word “professional” web development is also not clear on what is involved from novice work.

The internet saas model has made web design instant. Gone are the days where weeks of design, sketching, proofing etc were considered as real work. Now a days websites are built in a click of button. Another couple of hours go into content input and voila your website is ready.

So what’s the missing catch?

I treat websites as an online entity and not a presence. Websites need to make you money, a website cannot be considered as a leased item and gives us no money. 

If your website doesn’t make u money, rather not have a details , graphical website. Just a single page. But now a days with almost everyone online. We need to treat websites with a vision and goal of its own. The goal to make you quantified revenue or returns.

Now I don’t mean and online e-commerce site.but content and graphics that sells whatever you offer. A reach to a segmented demographic​ and more.

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Sharing is caring!