Did wolves slowdown AAP Benaulim?

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In my personal involvement with my own constituency for the recent Goa Elections. We worked deep with the people. We worked with shadow Teams, we infiltrated the enemy camps while AAP had their traditional door to doors, meetings etc.

But why did we still loose ?

Few of us decided to do some analysis. and came up with the following plans

  1. Did some of the aap benaulim leaders have personal intentions once they win? so they trampled upon the AAP Benaulim Candidate? That they wanted titles?, personal gain from the manifestos?
  2. Did one of them , say “Goa Dialogue” was a bluff?
  3. Did few of them wanted fame and she was hardly involved in the constituency?
  4. Did one of them move out to other places of Goa, when Benaulim was priority ?
  5. Were the rebels intentionally ignored by AAP benaulim leaders to attack our AAP Benaulim Candidate?
  6. Did some of them try to create rifts amongst volunteer base?

Did we have Wolves in Sheep clothing in AAP Benaulim team? Time will tell soon.

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