Raining In Kuwait

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As a Goan, i love the rains, especially that i have lived more than 70% of my years in Kuwait in a desert. Goa has plenty of rains that stretch from May-end to Oct. In Kuwait its usually scattered rains. So any moment that it rain, it needs to be cherished.

It has been raining Cats and Dogs with lightening& thunder for the last 3 days. More Rain in March April, means a lesser dusty summer during June to Sept.

The Smell of the soil, the gloomy weather, the spark in the Sky, reminds me of home. i.e. Goa. The only difference is that we dont have frogs, crickets or any other sounds in the dead of the night. Just honking of cars & bright street lights.

For me, rain brings hope of new life. it brings a cleaner new day and it brings freshness and life to the environment.

Sharing is caring!