Crucified by Social Media?

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Whatsapp Crashed for about 2 hours on 25th Oct and the whole World Panicked . We are sooooooooo dependent on a service which has

  1. Never confirmed with us to be working 24×7
  2. Doesnt have a support function or helpdesk
  3. Never committed to any Service uptime
  4. Never warranty or guarantee anything?

But when it goes down, its end of life, we dont feel like working, we have OCD, we are lost.

Have we sold our lives to social media, that even when its down, we face serious withdrawal symptions?

With the quest of competition, being better than the other and the rat race of life, has made it compulsory to be on the move. We all want to be better than the rest, faster than the rest, more rich that the rest. But this is not Living, this is Slavery. Coz todays platform race within each other to grab your fullest attention and at all times.

The Solution to this is understanding Dependence Vs Empowerment

  1. We need to use tools to get better at everything we do. But we need not be dependent on them. For example. Use Social media to be in touch with the happenings of friends and learn new things. But dont use it to connect with friends only through that medium, rather make it a point to visit them in person, travel, write letters and more. Use Whatsapp and email for official, or things that need to be documented. but make that call, visit the person and be in touch in person.
  2. Use tools in social media to find new people, find those that inspire you, that can teach and guide you and take you to the next level.
  3. Technology is here to work for you, be your slave and support and not the other way round. You must not be controlled by Technology.
  4. Make it a point to socialize in person, for events, for coffee, dates and more. the world becomes much better, when we are not hidden behind the screen of a phone.
  5. Contribute back to social media, with curated content that actually benefits your viewers, than just showing, where you visited and what you ate.

End of the day, focus on being real, than virtual. Make less dependencies  on any technology that will hook you or make you addicted.

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