Ingredients of a Happy Day

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We all have different components or ingredients that defines our Happy Days. For some its a laze in bed, for some an outing, for some movies or hang out with friends. Whatever it is, if the day ends with a blissful deep sleep with no worries or cares of the world and your days to come. Then you seriously had a Happy Day! …

In this Rat race of a mad world, where we focus on competition, chase for financial freedom, Disagreements and Vengence games. We hardly have time to heal and healing is one of the biggest ingredient that truly builds up your Emotional immunity.  The arises, what is needed for Healing?

This varies from person to person. But whatever it is … do it!!  But the next question is how do i find it?

My Way is to go out and experience it! … Spend time with Good People, Eat good food, adventure out, read, watch a movie, try a sport …. basically do it all to find that 1 thing , that is your master ingredient towards a happy day! . Once you found it, try it again and again… until your happiness levels are shared to all and returned back to you from all.  As my brother shared with me this morning, – “All the what ” when – where – how – which of life” was blanked out, after having a good day”

For me in particular, working in a stressful career, its important that i have my remainder of the day or of the week to be “Good times” with “Great Memories and stories” embossed into the passage of time.  So as i remember my past, i will have equal or more good stories than bad ones.

So are you working hard to have a happy day?

Sharing is caring!