Build Opportunities

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Sometimes we feel we are out of options and the world is coming to an end with seriously no more paths to take. The question is …. Seriously!, is this a deadend?

We tend to take whats given to us, in assurance of various demands by others upon us. We tend to make it a trend, that we are bound to get opportunities (irrespective of our contribution) , since we followed the demanded protocols in life. But life sadly isnt fair.. you may or may not get your opportunity. Some one may have raced you to it. 

In all cases the Opportunity is now Gone! So what do we do?  This has happened to me many a times and the immediate reaction is to sulk, be depressed, or go out for stress eating….. sometimes even say “Whatever’ doesnt bother me (but deep it does).

It took me 20+ Years to figure this out. the concept of Creating more opportunities. If you not getting your opportunities, then go create your own. if you have friends then work together and make it happen!!! How can we create our own opportunities ? this is how : 

  1. Study/Education : Focus on gaining new Knowledge on your Topic of Strength as well as new Topics/Domains (which you have no idea at all) . For example.. you may be an IT Professional, but also gain some knowledge on Carpentry etc. The purpose is to your brain – rewired into being open to new thoughts and learnings. 
  2. Learn new skills : New Skills will give you more resources to build yourself, your personality and more other attributes.  The purpose is to find new capabilities within you. 
  3. Networking : Once you have more knowledge and newer skills. You need to put them to practice, through jobs, parttime offers, volunteering and other ways to make an impact with your new acquired attributes. This will introduce to more people, and likeminded fellow beings, who may share their opportunities with you, or partner with you to create brand new opportunities with mutual gain. 
  4. Promotion : Promote yourself, on social media, or in physical events. Make your offerings into posters, Write a blog or articles,  engage in active discussions and then let people or businesses reach out. 
  5. Build Goals : Draw your Goals and Work on a Goal Setting plan and keep correcting them as you progress into the future. 
  6. Mentors : Lastly get onboard mentors into your life, who will guide you on every aspect from your career to your vision. 

So 6 Powerful Areas that can take you to places.  Reach out if you need more guidance on this topic. 



Sharing is caring!