Movies / TV series I’m watching – Oct 2022

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As always , time doesnt favor me when watching Movies or TV series, but that occasional moments, where i just dont want to do anything and need a distraction… then these have been my watch list for this month.

LOTR – Rings of Power – Season 1 (Prime Video)

A Prequel to the main movies of the Past, This every Friday Episode has kept me glued on what to expect at every episode. Its Family Safe (unlike Game of Thrones) and i have a crush on Galadriel (Cate Blanchett)

CobraKai – Season 5 (Netflix)

Though the cheesy Soap Story lines as the seasons progress. Its always fun to watch the bond between the 2 main characters Johnny and Daniel. The Humor between them is super. The evolution of Eli (becoming the good guy) is inspirational.

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