Letting Go!

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As we journey into life, we carry a lot of everything, from Love to Living… But most of us, me included. Convert this ‘everything’ into “Baggage” and end up hoarding them, thus making many aspects of life redundant, hoarded and worse … we make them dead weight, that weighs down our future.

Why ? Do we seriously need that everything, filling our time, thoughts, mind and heart and keeping no room for anything new? – No Room for new events that can change your life for the better.

For me too, i carried too much on my plate, people that wanted me for wrong reasons, clients that paid me too less, Partners that couldnt handle my success and worse … is loved ones that hated to see you succeed. But our Indian Culture doesnt allow us to say NO. it forces us to respect, it forces us to follow this ManMade Protocol of living by carrying every baggage that is there on your shoulders.

From 2019 – 2022, Covid, did 2 things for me….
– It helped me slowdown and study
– It helped me to retrospect and see life as a 3rd person, watching over whatever that was happening.

I learnt that,
i wasnt growing in faith
i wasnt growing in love
i wasnt growing in knowledge
i wasnt growing in finance
i wasnt growing in health
i wasnt growing at all…..

I had to make some changes, some serious changes

I had to Make a concrete decision of everything and everyone that was slowing me down, putting me down and was disabling me from reaching the potential that i should be. Well you may say, thats selfish, arrogance. but it isnt .. Working on one self to be successful is not a bad thing. Especially when you are protecting your future vision.

But Letting Go isnt easy…. Many wont let you go that easily. You tend to become a trophy to many and their own success becomes depended on your own. They wont let themselves see beyond you leaving them and that is a major concern. Like wise you letting go of many things and people, who you personally feel dependent on, is something extremely attached and cause you to be blind on your real goals.

However beyond letting Go, is also what will fill your current empty cup ? the cup of life, love, emotions, career and more. The more you start taking out of this cup, the more you will need to fill it with more positive and productive things.

I had to put conditions, why am i doing this? what will it cost me? What will i gain? keep in mind your health comes first in anything. Your Safety and future comes 2nd …. and then everything else will flow.

so Let Go and Start living…. I will share more on this as the days progress. For now… cheers.




Sharing is caring!