Understanding Leadership

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Ever since i took up leadership in different stages of my life, i never stopped learning. As a teenager i was a youth leader at the Church, Class monitor , etc. As i grew older i started a business and was a CEO of a series of startups. At work, i grew to become a consultant and adviser… I had a short stint with real politics, where i worked with a huge territory and worked with people of all walks of life.

Life constantly shaped and molded me to what i became.. i.e a Leader of different kind!

But throughout the chronicles of my leadership history, i couldnt face negativity, i couldnt handle those that stabbed me in the back. All the backdoors of evil, that was aimed at me,  my plans and my future was something ( to be honest),i didnt know what to do.

So my immediate solution was aggression. Bring them down! … Be the Bloody Mary.  In Politics it was work against the enemy, at work and career was to prove that im not wrong. In business it was strategies against those against me. At church was prove against the hypocrite and so on.  I thought i was winning! Maybe i did to a big extent. But i was faced with depression, i saw an evil world, i saw negativity, competition and worse too much of mis-understanding. Too much of , im better than you!  . i was consumed by Hate, Anger and in a big way competition!. But what makes it worse is when sometimes you are faced with a “Good for nothing”, “You will not be able to handle this” and other accusations of failures. Where you are forced to prove a point and that point, that you need to prove, will take days, month or even years to achieve.

Is this Leadership? to be evil ? to compete with the lesser mankind ? to keep opportunities to yourself ?

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