Why is it important to be a Distinguished Club?

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Have we heard of top brands like NIKE, CHANEL, DUNLOP, ZARA and so many others? Why do majority of us spend so much money to have a little piece of these brands? or if we cant afford, some of us dream or aspire to own an item from these brands.

When i asked this question once, i got the following answers from the audience, they are “reputed”, “high quality”, “tried and tested” and even it has “Successful products”.

Lets look at a second example, Why do we follow football teams like Chelsea, Manchester United, Madrid and others. I have noticed people go crazy over them, follow every match, every story.  the answers i got was, “These are excellent clubs, the best players come together under one roof” and many more……

So what i understood, from these answers is that these products, brands or even football clubs have weathered the test of time and have set an amazing benchmark, so that consumers, fans or followers like you and me, trust them instantly. Their experience in quality products, quality sport or even quality entertainment has amazed us.  But did we give it a thought, that there was a starting point for all these brands or products, or there was a failure point, when things didnt work for them at all. Probably they were unheard of, or maybe people started to dislike them.

So what did these brands do? they designed Advisories, Benchmarks, Quality Indexes and many other KPIs (Key Performance Indicators ) and they worked upon these guidelines and everytime they achieved something, they considered it as a milestone achievement until they saw their success in the horizon and went forth to achieve it. And every year, they started it again and again, so they ensure they met greater standards year after year.  And people, you and me love that fact they are getting better every year.

Likewise, DCP helps us benchmark Club performance, it make us work towards a successful club, that caters into training officers, achievement goals, attaining more members per year and doing other important tasks, which could be otherwise ignored.

When we succeed in our personal goals in our club, it adds up to the benefit of the club standings,  which inturn benefits the standings of the Area and Division too.  The whole organization benefit from a single club.  DCP helps the club to prove themselves and give them a better quality standing. Guests and New Members are more inclined to join successful clubs, that work towards their goals.  DCP also invites a spirit of teamwork, where the EXCOM and its members work together in harmony to achieve their club goals.

Having said that , its vital not to push DCP as the “only” goal of the club. Members shouldnt be forced stressed to finish their projects faster to earn DCP. this will reduce the quality of member achievements and have a poor reflection in member retention. VP Eds and presidents need to make a Club growth plan, which includes an ease of study schedule for the members.

For example, members who are slower to achieve their goals, due to work or other commitments , should be planned to deliver this goals at a longer period of time, as to earn his dcp points in 2 years time or next club dcp tenure , while members who have more committed time, can achieve it quicker . A proper balance , needs to be studied involving the comfort zone of the members educational schedule and commitment.

Members are proud of their clubs, when they win awards, stand out tall and win at toastmasters events. It shows the commitment of members , along with their excom leaders.

So dont ignore the DCP goals. And, work towards making them happen, they all indirectly makes you, your club a better entity, a better brand and definitely a powerful benchmark for all to follow.

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