Music On the Go!

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I have always been so passionate about music, I should appreciate my dad for this taking me for every party that his Music Band used to play in. Music Inspires my creativity and my positive outlook at life in general. It also brings me up from toughest moments and picks me up to go on.

For the last decade , life has been challengining and his pushed me to my limits. But music is one thing that has keep me focused , crazily creative in finding solutions to everything . Offlate i needed to have a device that i could carry music on the Go. Yes we have our super smart phones which does everything from a music player, camera, phone, internet etc. Soo great! .. But ….. a big but! … it doesnt have enough battery to support all of these functions , so when you are so busy downloading mails, whatsapp etc. and want to listen to some music, or take an instant photo… Bam.. you are out of battery !!!!

i remember the days, i used to own a Walkman Casette player, which i won from a MILK Can 🙂 … Hours of music without worry of battery issues. out of battery, just go buy new ones. I dont think you can do that with your phone :-).

So for 2018, i got myself 2 late christmas gifts , a simple, no frills Mp3 player and a simple no frills 20 Megapixel camera. So i will slowly leave my dependance from my phone. I decided to pick up the Trekstor (I.BEAT JUMP BT)  a simple tiny Mp3 player, which has a clip so that it doesnt shake, when i jog, farm or dance or any vigourous activity. It cost me USD 60 with a 8 GB inbuilt memory plus support for a seperate MicroSD card for expansion.

Now its super simple, no touch screen, rough solid next, previous , play/stop buttons. Thats it. it has a pedometer for walking steps count (which i dont believe is accurate, infact none are) .

Now the cons is just one . the included Headphones Sucks. Both in sound quality and ear comfort, so its better to invest in a good quality headphones. im useing the Genius Gaming HS-G500V, which is about 20 USD, affordable, comfortable and quick crystal clear.

So now if you see a guy with gaming headphones and running about crazily. that sure is me.

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