Aditya Maheswaran : A Game Changer

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I had one of the greatest opportunities of the decade to both organize and attend a workshop with Aditya Maheswaran, 2015 World No.2 in Public Speaking.

Organizing a world class event needs alot of commitment, dedication and trust. We were just 5 of us (Div-I Director  Fatma, Dr Prathap, Rajesh , Dr Shanta and myself) , that partnered together to make this event successful. We put everything we got into it. Pushing our skills and abilities we had on the table, added time factor and made it happen!.

So the Weekend dawned ahead, the event was Go!. We sacrificed sleep to ensure we met Aditya directly at the airport at the wee hours of the morning.


And then the back to back events started, From few corporate events, to the Public workshop to a session with Indian Central School. It was enriching.

One of the benefits of being the organizer of this event, is that you get to spend personal time with your delegates and you meet them off stage. It was amazing to engage with Aditya in more personal way. He was very down to earth, a guy with great humility, and patience . True Qualities of a world champion.

During the public workshop, He had so much to give, so much to share. He just went on giving us true reason on why we should communicate, why should we give speeches. Whats our purpose as toastmasters? whats our roles in life?

Alot of doubts that i carried about toastmasters were instantly answered by just listening to him.


Truly a great experience.

Sharing is caring!