A creed called activists – Sudeep Dalvi

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An Interesting Article by Sudeep Dalvi

A million mutinies are happening all over Goa right now, with regards to destruction of nature, environment and land, as well as total connivance of all the rules, regulations and laws by the government of the day.

Most of these mass moments and agitations are being led by a creed of socially conscious men and women, educated, middle class and well aware of the circumstances around them, together called as activists.

Let’s talk about the negative dimension of this phenomenon first.

Not all of them are honest, clean, well intended and straight forward as a man called Father Bismarque was. Many of the legal, land and environment activists, anti casino activists, and those dealing with important government projects are in reality the agents on payroll of those very forces whose activities they claim to oppose or are seen opposing tooth or nail in public.

Some of them are just to make money or putting up cases only to withdraw them later for money. Some make too much of shrill noise about an issue till its diluted by releasing all the steam and then simply run away. We have all seen it in the case of anti casino agitation.

Some, particularly among the legal activists are blood sucking frankensteins and draculas living upon blackmail and extortion.

Some of the eminent activists are agents of some religious bodies like Church, and in the guise of activism are busy forwarding the agenda of their parent body.

Some come with a sole agenda to make use of the activist ladder to climb the fortress of political arena, and are so much in love with video cameras and mics that they don’t mind to travel distances from North to South and vice versa to see themselves on telivisions and newspapers the next day. This psychopathy is not unreasonable. It’s a part of long preparations which these pseudo activists are engaged into for jumping into forthcoming elections. Obviously, the last elections were full of ladies and gentlemen made up of all metals. Iron, copper, silver.

Fear as well as love of the people, publicity by mass media, patronage by their real bosses and contacts among th society are the tools which manage this negative lot of so called social revolutionaries to survive. These are the traitors which suck the nlood from the flesh of their victim masse as well as from the issue which they handle and ultimately destroy.

Now let’s talk something good.

In spite of the presence of aforementioned wretched creatures in our society, there are numerous good and honest souls who work relentlessly and dangerously within the society for its betterment, fight the government and evil forces of development tirelessly on social media, and before it on streets, and in police stations, in short, in steps of Father Bismarque.

These are the real activists. Who remain food less by stomach, penniless by pocket and remorseless by heart. Who don’t care about dangers, and who pursue their chosen battle from streets and bhaji pao hotels to the corridors of High Court at Altinho and National Green Tribunal at Pune, and if required, even in Supreme Court at New Delhi.

Goa survives because of them.

Let’s learn our lessons from the daily experiences, and get adept in the art of discriminating between the two creeds of activists and make the hands of the latter ones strong for the betterment of our Mother Goa.


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