Passion vs Education

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Have you heard the sentence ” He is a BORN leader”…. or He was Born a leader … or He is a passionate Leader. We try to show that the qualities of leadership was ingrained into him the moment he came out as a baby.

But in reality, every Human is the same, its just that certain skills, talents, attributes have taken the front stage and are more active, stronger,  and the body is more incontrol of the factors needed for that quality.  However the biggest mistake, we do is consider – Passion, as the ONLY benchmark to survive. Many of us will not educate or study our passion and become professionals in what we love to do.

In my Chronicles of life, i have seen and met tons of passionate people, however extremely few succeed to the level they should be without formal education in their domain of expertise. In my keynote speeches, i stress that with passion you will reach X and Y levels in life, but with a proper certified course of study, you will reach the ultimate Z level and be capable to handle any situation in your area of expertise.  Just becoz you may be good at something due to your love for it, you may not know ways to handle conflict, issues or even growing to the next level.

So if you are passionate about something, study more, certify and become a professional in what you are truly passionate about.

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