TM : A Virtual Reality Game?

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When i had fallen to the deepest depth of accusations within TM,  i had literally nothing more to gain from this organisation that supposedly “makes leaders”. I had done it all, got my DTM, won contests, judged others to win, did TM workshops, took district and club officer roles. Name it and it was done….. but why the deep dive fall in a positive organization?  Why the blames, the finger pointing, the social media bashing and what not.

For a guy as myself, who promoted TM to even the cobwebs of my house, i was disheartened!

Until i had dinner with a past president of Toastmasters international. A business man by profession, but a heart of Gold.

I poured my heart out and he did what we TMs are supposed to do best. He listened, carefully to every word, feeling, expression, burp and choked thoughts.  Then he said … Ray im sorry but you are living in a video Game. a Virtual reality and simulated world of expectations of everyone and you are stuck there.  He went on to elaborate.

He said TM is like a virtual reality, even if you go on the physical stage.  its still a simulated place, where people will cheer for you, encourage you, guide you. Whether they like it or not. But thats not what happens in Real life. Your role in TM is to keep taking everything you learn in TM and apply it in real life, experiment, see how it goes and for whatever you fail, come back to TM and correct it. Same thing with leadership, he said Ray …. TM is a simulated leadership platform, where leaders, who get an opportunity, to bring their heart out… if its filled with hate, anger, personal benefit and more…. the members will see it. Some will fight back, some will stay, some will change, some will be absorbed by this fake charisma. (the same happens in real life society, work environment too) … but the question, are you taking those leadership skills back into the real stage at work, home, society and more? or you surviving it?

He continued, TM is a virtual simulated platform where you will face everything. Your role is to keep growing no matter what, politics, personal interests, fame, silly certificates, much more….but  by switching between virtual and real and exploding yourself in TM only to be careful in real life and furthermore, whatever you face in TM, you will know how to handle in real life. he said you will love, hate, drop people in TM, which you cant in real life. but the ones you continue with in TM , will be friends for life as your mentors, brothers, sisters or maybe loved ones too.

From there on … it changed my life!!!! …… and im still a TM till date.

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