Religious Gaslighting ?

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Since childhood, i just cant stand authority and People who uses Authority to prove their point, position and demands. Why cant life be full of love and empowerment with guidelines than a power push.

But as i grew up, i realised people in various domains, whether it is religion, government, Hierarchy or simply dominance, will use Authority to push their demands, their opinions, their understanding of the situation unto the weaker ones to blindly listen to them.

Worst is when people use Religion, words from holy books and more, to prove their authority and their status over any given situation and i thought that was the gravest thing to do, until today i noticed someone use the skills in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) + their dominance in religion + Years of doing this as experience,  tried their level best to mindscrew my mind. We need to be careful of such characters coz of the following :

  • They will listen to everything you have to say.
  • They will try to dig up even more.
  • They want you to complain, blame the others.
  • They want you to share your sufferings.

and when you are done, they will link it to spiritual scriptures and then throw all that you gave them back at you, Gaslighting you in the bargain, questioning your own sanity or your involvement in the situation. You become the reason of the problem, thus making you lower your guard only to be taken advantage of.

Oxford defines Gaslighting as “using psychological methods into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning.

How to handle such people?

  • Make it clear that your relationship with God is your own and you dont need their translation of God’s Role in your life.
  • Make it clear on your intention and plans in this situation, rather than being the one complaining.
  • Make it clear of your goal for the situation and how you intend to resolve it (if it needs resolution)
  • Make it clear of what kind of help you need from them, if you need so.
  • Be cheerful and joyful, than be full of sorrow and worry.

These people’s main purpose is to push their purpose as listeners ONLY to use it against you. BEWARE.



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