Hello 2023….

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A late post for the new year, but its never too late for anything.

I spent my last few days of 2022, with the ones that loved the most … if you met me in person in the final weeks of 2022, then you know what each of you mean to me..

I wanted the year 2022 to end without any drama, without any chaos… Just Love, Joyfulness and happiness and i got them all. Though i was content, i was hungry for more. The Bustling bells of Christmas in Goa, brings together the little joys of life.The laughter and cheer of family and close ones, brings in hope of togetherness of many more years to come. I truly enjoyed the last of the 2022 and i soooooooooo… yearn for more.  Though 2022 had a roller coaster ride, that seriously taught the way to live life, im truly thankful for everything it threw at me and made me make the choicest of decisions to move ahead in life.

2023 … a year of solid decisions, solid change of paths, and mindset for a better tomorrow.  This year is the deciding year where i cement my future of whats going to happen next. A year where i will finally put in my trials and tribulations, my talents and skills and finally my dreams and aspirations to the test. Am i truly made to withstand the forces, the obstacles, the challenges and the bottlenecks. Its going to be a ride, and a journey of adventure and skill.

2023 … is also the year where Reactyve is born. My Dream of a business identity, that hopefully, will work on innovations and empowerment. Its Core will focus on People, Societies and Ultimately the country. I pray that it goes international, and massive. So that the change that it brings, will hopefully revolutionise the world.

2023 … will see a side of me, that was under-wraps. For those that love me, will be truly happier to see that side. To those that harm and have wrong intentions, will wish they never knew me.

Many will bring obstacles in the name of Faith, Culture and Rules. But 2023 is a year, i break them all.



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