Rayboy vs NRIGoan vs Ray Pereira vs theITGoan

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For those that know me personally over the years, clearly remember that i used to initially write under the banner of RAYBOY. Rayboy is my petname in Goa, in my village. People used to lovingly call me Rayboy, infact they still do. Out of love, respect, and in being one with the village.

So i felt i had to continue that legacy of Rayboy as my online identity and had my domain rayboy.org, email on it and more. But over the years… my Personal branding as Rayboy started to take a massive hit as for some reason, it didnt reasonate with the Corporate Culture. Rayboy was seriously a causal, fun, happygolucky persona of a person, who just wanted to live life at the fullest.

Infact i was reading the archives of the blog posts under Rayboy. i felt they seemed kiddish, cheesy… i kinda laughed at my own self. It truly resembled who i was at that time . the Lack of maturity, visionary focus and goals to achieve as a solid professional as well the ability to show benefit to my audience was purely ZERO.  Rayboy was 100% a personal diary of an IT Nerd, that enjoyed those decades. …. im not upset… im just amused who i was and my writing skills of those yesteryears. I was wondering what could i take from that old blog and import it here and to be honest there was nothing substantial … 🙁

But As i got into serious Business commitments, i realised my maturity levels gradually demanded me to look at life differently. I still wanted to be the Happygolucky kiddo, but i felt something needed to change. I wanted to keep my connection to Goa (my home) … so it was the advent of NRIGoan.  NRI Goan was formed to be a bridge to solutions to all that hampers my beautiful Goa. it missed or rather ignored the Rayboy, the personal side of me. NRIGoan focused on the real aspects of this world. It was political, Socio-Economics and more. Posts were rough, tough and sometimes bland.  NRIGoan was widely accepted in the Goan community and even got featured in the local newspapers with my Socialpolitical articles. But again … i didnt seem to be happy deep within.

I also realised that the branding of NRIGoan limited my self within a geographical segment of Goa and Goans and nothing more. But i was desperate. I didnt want to loose my Goan Roots, my Goan Identity.

Years went by with no much progress. Rayboy and NRIGoan Coexisted with no updates, no posts, no articles. I was lost in understanding on how shall the digital world recognise me. Until a training in personal branding said. You need to promote your own name as a brand” …. Hmmm, well ok… Raymond Pereira (too long) … Rayboy Pereira (naaah) … finally Ray Pereira. (though not my name, not im well known for, as People call me Ray, but not Ray Pereira).  So Stuck again – the training failed.

  • Rayboy
  • NRIGoan
  • Ray Pereira

However Ray Pereira only focused on ME. who i am, and what i am doing, and what i want to be.  No Articles, no politics, no social reforms, no IT … nothing.

It was seriously boring !!!!!

Then it hit me.  I asked myself these questions.

  • Who i am
  • What do i do best

So it is , i am a Goan and IT is what i do best and using IT , i do everything, even farming soon (via IoT)

Suddenly theITGoan was born. i felt the identity completes me. it promotes me as Goan and not just Goa. So i can carry my roots every where i go. Every conference i speak, every session i give will know me as theITGoan and my origins.  So i have changed all my social media handles to theITGoan. The blog rayboy.org is finally off. This cureent site, i.e. the NRIGoan will move into theITGoan soon in a few months and that will be its permanent home.  Audiences visiting NRIGoan will automatically be redirected to the new home.

So what will theITGoan cater to?

theITGoan will cater to every aspect of my being. from a personal rant over a bad day, to global governance, whitepapers, to conferences and events i attend. From travel plans, thoughts, books i read or listen to, to a cake my sister bakes.  It will cater to all audiences and more. It will showcase my events, my achievements, my plans, my business and even reviews of others.

So soon, i will say my Goodbyes to Rayboy.org and close it down for Good and keep Rayboy to those few that still love to call me in that identity. While Ray-Pereira never existed in real life and will not continue in 2023.

Personal Branding is seriously a lot of work. But if you get it right, then its truly magical.

For now you can find/follow me on

To dos : Linkedin, Google and few others

Have you worked on your personal branding? its the need of the hour for the next success story of your life.


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