The Battle for Authority and Control

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Its said, if you want to progress out of slavery and control, then start being knowledgeable. As my sister keeps reminding me ; “Knowledge is Power”.

For Years, illiteracy formed a major gap between the oppressor and the oppressee, the Slave trader and the slave, the rich and poor, the strong and the weak. Many more of such combinations.  But even till this very day, such gaps continue to exist, as leaders still try to use Authority and rules to command their subordinates to work.

Rules are different from Guidelines. Demands are different from Ideas/Suggestions. Raising your voice is way different from being calm to understand. The Era of Authority is fast fading away, but there still remains a small and determined set of leaders that continue to try their level best to use Authority, their title and their position to force their demands on their teams. But the solution for this is not with the leaders themselves, but with the grassroots, i.e the subordinates , the teams, the workers etc.

The Solution is : Evolve with knowledge and skill, Certify and let the market accept you. As you grow in knowledge, in skills, in experiences and in awareness of the market. The Market propells you and your shackles are broken. No leader can stop your success, unless you allow them without becoming stronger yourself.

Solution for leaders is :  Allow your teams to succeed, move away from being demanding to becoming collaborating. Do not micromanage, rather, allow your teams to succeed in Goals they way, they feel comfortable as long as it doesnt affect the goals of the organization. And while the teams are busy doing their part. leaders need to focus on their evolution too … evolution with knowledge and certify themselves with industry demands.

A question to ask leaders and teams. When is the last time you certified and enriched your self with complete knowledge and skill from the industry? If the answer is beyond 6 months back…. im sorry… you are seriously outdated to be a Modern Day leader or even to come out of the crutches of authority..(in any field and domain)

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