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How much work is too much work?

As Corporate leaders we try to get the maximum done, with limited resources. Why ?

  1. ROI on the cost of the employee
  2. ROI on the time for the month
  3. Showcase “hardworking”
  4. Actual Deadlines, with limited resources.
  5. Show that we saved money..
  6. and many other unethical reasons where i dont want to make a mention here.

But does too much workload actually generate beneficial results?  Results that would generate quantity or quality?.

Its definitely a fine line, when we try to understand Work-Life Balance, Remuneration and more. Today, i had a long discussion with renowned CIO. He told me, that many Corporations try to save money, by hiring non-talented, credidble candidates so that they can easily overload them with work. Most of the time – unstructured – dirty work. While most sought after ‘Certified Professionals’ have structured work loads (depends from company to company), better packages and most of them all – RESPECT!

Lets break it down.

An Organization, will push for its goals and milestones. But its management policies and leaders will define the amount of investment it needs to achieve them. Investment in the form of human capital and others. What many will fail to do, is focus on the following

  1. Investment in Automation to save long term costs
  2. Investment in Quality and Qualified Human Capital and the study around them to bring in Faster and quality results.
  3. Growth in knowledge and education of existing personel through training and skill development.

The combination of the above 2 will make massive differences in ones setup and organizational goals. But everything changes when leaders put their own self forward than the organization’s achievements. It also depends on the willingness for a non-skillful employee wanting to make a change in their lives through study and skill development.

As i said, its a fine line.

So what to do?

If you are a business leader.

  1. Start building up your team intellectually so that they learn skills and knowledge that will inturn help the company grow successfully.
  2. Drive the company through this new renewed teams and break down your goals and roles and fit them within the teams capacity and capability.

If you are a Employee

  1. Focus on what changes you need to do to advance into a new skill to adapt to organizational demands and goals.
  2. Start adding these skills, knowledge and hands on training to be a new version of you.
  3. Work along side leaders to be their support system of trust, knowledge and loyalty.

End of the day, how the teams work will define what WORKLOAD truly stands for. Till then Cheers

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