How shall we lead?

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im confused… How shall we lead ? 

Should we manage people, as robots to make them listen, to follow? Should we lead with an Iron Fist, so that there is perfection in everything done? Maybe goals will be achieved, Targets probably met. But do we build a zombie workforce, that follow every command given?. Do we give, with something to take back? do we help, with only a tangible benefit? Do we experiment with scores of men, and put them to the litmus paper? Do we discard the rest and keep those that pass? is this Quality control of life.  Or is Life a bunch of KPIs that we need to meet for today, so that tomorrow is a new day , a new bunch of KPIs ..

When some leaders guide you wrong, when some leaders feed you wrong… giving you feedback, that only satisfies your current situation.

OR do we love. “Do we love to create more love?”  do we love, to make a willing heart. A willing heart that makes a willing mind. Do we support to give birth to opportunities. Willing opportunities towards hope for a better life?

Do we hold hands, to give them the pull or the push to “attempt” success. Or corporate lifestyle that differentiates the weak and the strong by  giving them a numeric tag in a spreadsheet.

For a long time i felt, we need to tap that inner desire of every living creature on this planet. For some its to achieve, for a lion it could be to dominate his pride, for a tiger it could the thrill of the hunt, for a deer .. the desire to survive …. but for humans?

Humans have varied desires, some deep some superficial, some greed, some fame… it never ends.

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