Flattering vs Upliftment

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Someone recently told me that those not brave enough to handle criticism should not come forward. THIS WORLD IS NOT FOR FLATTERY.

Well, that got me angry!, if people dont come forward this world will be forver doomed with the unbalanced circle of life. The weak will remain weak, while the mighty make dominate the rest, the middle class will slog it out for both.

This is the harsh reality and whats worse is that those that cant speak out, will just agree and approve whatever told to them.

Though i know there are some who strive for flattery. But i know most that need “upliftment” to give them a boost that do better in life.

Resintating how much weak, one is. how much unsuccessful one is and to show that you are better than them in every way possible. Show signs of a madman. A person who wants to show that he or she is better than all.

When we encourage the fallen, the weak, thats not flattery. When we say “Well done, Wow thats a brave step”for someone who never took the opportunity in life… thats not flattery. Thats encouragement. Thats a process of upliftment.

In todays world, the younger generation is fighting to be heard and many oldschool leaders are fighting to dominate and keep the young suppressed.

Beware of such leaders who critize the weak so that they forever remain on top.

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