Did you try turning it off & on again?

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This is our standard line in IT for everything, Servers, PCs, Switches, Data banks etc. Funny that it may sound, i should admit that rebooting your Tech Device, could resolve many issues. From memory leaks,  network congestion and sometimes an occasionally hang.

Dont ask me why, but a cold reboot is sometimes our instant solution that we can give you, and which is within your hands to achieve.

But when should you not do this???, Its highly recommended to inform your IT guy that any of the below is going on.

  1. If you are working on  document, but didnt save.
  2. If you copying or moving files from one location to the other.
  3. Your windows or software updates are in progress.
  4. You heard whirring sounds in the CPU, and could be potential upcoming drive crash.
  5. You have a doubt that  a malware has been installed and its asking for reboot.
  6. if you dont have the authority to do a restart(if it is not your pc/device)

So next anyone calls my kind of people, dont be surprised to hear us say “Did you restart your pc?”

Sharing is caring!