Grammarly – Your Typing Assistant, a Risk?

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I have always been working on improving my English grammar ever since i got humiliated by few people over a decade back. I was accused of having zero grammar in my conversations, or written English.

That kind of disturbed me a lot, but also made me motivated to study, read and write more. From my blog to whitepapers, It built my momentum and drive to perfect myself. However, it was tough to constantly look up words on Google,  do checks on Microsoft Word and others. I needed something instant, real-time.

My Search had almost come to an end with Grammarly and what’s great is that it has a free version too.  What I liked about this service, was that it is installed within your browser, Reads and corrects as you type.  the Plugin for Chrome worked well with my Vivaldi Web Browser.

Now there are concerns about the privacy of every content you type is being sent for review and responded. That got me super concerned. Since it takes every word you type to their servers. What about my email ids, passwords, comments, search patterns etc to social contacts etc?  There is nothing much detailed online. but many people have voiced concerns about this. But doesn’t seem much of a response from

Hence I ended up Un-installing the same, after this post, due to worry of Grammarly could become a basic definition of a “keylogger”. Now if Grammarly would allow users to download an Encrypted AI database into their PCs, probably this could change this outcome and concerns.

Now even if Grammarly doesnt harm or take advantage of our data. but what it if has a security breach, it could risk millions who are using this service. Hackers could use tools to parse their data for specific content and link them to online identities

Very risky, though a great service.

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