Priyanka Vs Deepika

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With the advent of entering into the Hollywood industry. These 2 indian superstars have to work alot to be on on the top of their Game. Previously we have had Ashwariya Rai Bachan, with her movies. But Priyanka’s Quantico has seal the deal for the Indian Actress to get more offers from hollywood directors.

With the recent selection of Deepika  to play side by side with Vin Diesel in (xxx- Return of Xander Cage)  , it gave me a perfect opportunity to grade both actresses.

Priyanka, seems to have matured into the Hollywood industry. Her generic style has been widely accepted and her abilities to blend into multiple roles has made her a great actor in this industry.

Deepika , however lost it, when she “spoke”. Her indian accent, didnt play very well in Vin diesel’s movie for a movie bluff like me. But she recently said it , that the movie wanted her to play a indian woman’s role. However it didnt convince me enough. After the accent. the fight scenes, seems to weak as compared to Priyanka, who seem to have mastered the skills. Even Ashwariya’s fight scenes in “Last Legion” is mindblowing. i  feel Deepika needs to work more hard to be well known in the Hollywood industry.

Until then Priyanka will be making waves with Quantico…. and her FBI/CIA roles.

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