Parrikar needs to enforce his MLAs & senior officials to use Twitter.

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With the world becoming a smaller place due to IT tech, and social media reach. Govts needs to ensure that they use tools to provide a window to allow the public to reach out to them.

Twitter has been slowly growing in the Goan cyber space, but it’s the need of the hour to embrace twitter. Major users like Sushma swaraj, and others have made major strides in reaching out to all those who have called for help. 

We noticed few MLAs like Rohan, Micheal lobo have been responsive on Twitter but not prompt, while others are either dead or non existent. 

Twitter can also be a platform for our Goan MLAs to feed mainstream media of their achievements and notifications in real time. 

Parrikar having past IT company management experience, would definitely know about the vast reach of IT. It’s time he put this to use and enforce his team to do so as well.

Getting the govt totally online on social media would encourage Goans to voice out their concerns and worries.

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