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Over the years, ‘NRIGoan’ has been a cocoon, enfolding stories of the diasporic Goan community, resonating with experiences of identity, belonging, and nostalgic connections with our cherished homeland. My journey together has been incredibly enriching, painting a canvas of myriad narratives, experiences, and collective reminiscences. However, life, in its essence, is a mosaic of evolution, growth, and transformation. And so, we turn the page to a new chapter, aspiring to weave an even more vibrant tapestry that encompasses a diverse array of topics, both professional and personal, under the renewed banner of ‘theITGoan’.

Why ‘theITGoan’?

‘theITGoan’ is not merely a name; it is a symbol, representing a confluence of my robust IT expertise and the quintessential Goan spirit that has always been at the heart of our writings. We seek to be the nexus where technology meets culture, where professional insights merge seamlessly with rich, heartfelt narratives of personal experiences. As ‘theITGoan’, we will explore and navigate not only through the intricate worlds of IT, but delve into the pulsating heart of our vibrant Goan culture, and journey through my own myriad paths of life’s multifaceted experiences.

In this new epoch, anticipate a tapestry that is intricately woven with threads of diverse themes and stories. From insightful articles illuminating the realms of Information Technology, cybersecurity, and digital transformations, to soulful narratives that plunge into the depths of personal stories, cultural ponderings, and reflections on life’s various hues – ‘theITGoan’ will be my melting pot of enriching content.

A Gentle Note as We Navigate Through Changes

In the upcoming weeks, you will notice a flurry of changes – a revamped website, fresh content, and a subtly altered aesthetic, all carefully curated to enhance your reading experience and provide varied, quality content that resonates on multiple levels. We request your patience and support as we smooth out the creases during this transition phase. Your engagement, feedback, and presence have always been the wind beneath my wings, propelling me forward, inspiring me to explore, write, and share. As i step into this new chapter, i invite you to join me, to continue being our co-travelers in this enriched journey, as we explore broader horizons together.

Here’s to new beginnings, to boundless explorations, and to continuing this wonderful journey together, with refreshed zest and widened scopes!


Sharing is caring!