Empowerment or Equality?

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Empowerment. You know, a much discussed topic. So much of empowerment plans for children, for women. And I don’t see much of a discussion when it comes to men, in particularly young men, i wonder who is the weaker sex or a minority at this moment. But in today’s world, if this was like 10-20 years ago, I could seriously understand when we say women and children are exploited and in a big way lack of opportunities for them. With the quest of just focusing on one segment, women in particular, I realize has put the other gender in a very complex situation. I personally have gone through inequality and justice, and I have realized the pain that it bears. And I’ve realized that it’s my mission as well to fight for it, to fight for equality in everything.

How I’m going to go about getting it done, making people aware, making authorities aware, is not clear. But I think that’s my goal at this moment. Equality.  In Few places equality has become the next best thing where everybody is given equal justice. Where whether it is for opportunities, whether it is for resources, and whether it is for justice, whether you’re a man, whether you’re a woman, whether you’re a child, whether you’re an elder, you have to have equality. Let’s look at the case of senior citizens. We try our level best to make the remainder of their life way, comfortable, easier, calmer and more. We look at children and we try to give them opportunities. We look at women and we ensure that justice is made easily available to them. But I think now such resources are misused. So the batch that is in the middle, particularly young men, Have to struggle.

Is it because they are able-bodied, they have the strength, they have the energy, they have the stamina. Is it because that’s what they’re bound to do? Slog it out for everything. And when it comes to justice, they’re like, No, sorry, you’re not a woman, you’re not a mother, you’re not an old lady, you’re not a child. So justice is denied, opportunity is denied. So where is that equality that we are fighting for? Where is it that everybody gets equal view on things, equal share of resources?

The world is in a state where concepts and habits and ideas are designed only to benefit a certain segment of people, or a certain trend or a certain idea that only a particular audience that could benefit. So where is it that we work on equality? Where is the line that we draw so that in particular a segment does not suffer. I don’t know, it’s too early for me because I’m in the midst of my own battles. I will find out as the years come along. But let’s see, there’s always a silver lining in the end. And let’s see how far this battle goes on. Cheers! There’s going to be a series of topics on this line. And I need to talk about how I’m going to do all of this.


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