Evolution of a Myth

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As a child and till date, i was always fascinated with Dragons. i would draw them, color them, craft them out of paper, sculp 3d versions of them using clay or thermocol. As a child i saw dragons all so powerful and demanded respect and honor with the fearsome look and aggression. But as i grew older, i understood that Dragons are emotional, they have a sensitive and a weak heart. But they protect it aggressively with their scales, fiery aggression and more. They can be a force to be reckoned with.

Though Dragons are myth, or a fantasy, or tales created over fire and more. It amazed me with the personality of each dragon used in that particular story, a movie, a fairy tale and more. But as i studied them more and more. I learnt that dragons share their heart, their feelings, their attachment and bonds with humans and they bond for life. Even if it means an ultimate sacrifice by the same human who bonded with them initially. In Game of Thrones, Drogon the main dragon in the entire TV series. Drogon was the most aggressive and least shy of all three of Daenerys’ dragons. He was fiercely protective of his mother, and would rush to her aid if he sensed she was in danger. He was stubborn and the hardest to control of his siblings.  But if you noticed, Drogon though fierce, was attached to Daenerys and in Some way to Jon Snow too (hence not killing him in the end).

But in all cases, Dragons have a weakest link : Their Heart & Their need to be connected.

But as i reached my 40s ,  a new character started to take shape, which took over my fascination and imagination and kept me Awe Struck. i.e the Direwolf,

Though Wolves are pack animals and also need a bond and have All the above qualities of a Dragon and also fiercely protective of their loved ones. But with one thing different. Direwolf have very strong emotional control of their feelings and personality. They are strong from the inside-out, while dragons are strong only on the outside. Direwolves can stay alone for a long time without being in their packs. The time wandering, it takes in healing, building its strength, acquiring new lands and resources for food. Its got its game cut out for itself.

Both my Characters are either a myth or extinct, but the purpose of my article is to define human evolution, when faced with challenges, mostly of the emotional kind. there are so many more personality types in this world and beyond. Even with those following the stars, the list becomes endless. But sometimes when shit hits the fan, and you are cornered. The Flight or Fight reaction is very common. What decision you take there will depend on your emotional strength much more than the physical muscles you have built.

For Many of us, we link our motivation to characters from superheroes, to our family members. Who inspire us and sometimes we replicate them word by word. For me the dragon myth inspired me for 40+ years. But time, i do an upgrade 🙂 Direwolves it is for now.


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