New Year res? or Life changing plans?

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We all make new year res, some we keep, some we dont, or some we just forget. Likewise every december and jan , i make a ton of new plans. but over a couple of weeks, they are all gone.

However in 2018, i stressed on a handful of plans, which seems to have worked for me since i was too dedicated towards.

  1. Toastmasters :  i have gone too deep into the whole journey and it has helped me find myself, my calling and my plans head, i met great people and continue to learn as i go through it.
  2. My Job : it was vital for me to iron out issues, that had cropped up over the years and that was priority. i should say, things are better now than ever before…
  3. Martial Goals : this has been a drastic improvement over the period of 2018,  with the help of CFC and ofcourse finding myself and developing my own self.

What didnt work out yet.

  1. FIxing my business plans , still seems to be stagnant due to alot of mess and non-support from associates .
  2. My Career growth, has been slow which needs to be up a notch
  3. Monetizing this blog, has kept me on a negative balance, as i was hoping to make it self sustaining.
  4. Health and workout has been on a back seat for the lack of time.

So need to replan for the new year before it starts.



Sharing is caring!