My SocialMedia Challenge – Update

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Its extremely easy to keep adding people on facebook and then after a few years start deleting them coz we never end up knowing them. So let me go into a challenge (done by few ) … of Meeting all facebook friends within a period of one year from June 2015 to June 2016. Everytime i meet some one from fb (maybe not from fb ) i will post a selfie or a pic of us with a Friend serial no. 🙂 and a small note of how we know each other :-).

Some of them are too far away in other countries, for that i will skype or use any technology possible to make a meet happen. 🙂 . So i will be contacting each one of them in due time to see if a short meet up, tea, lunch or dinner, or just a skype chat can happen to catch up with the times . just as we would have done if there was no internet.

Why is it a challenge ? Considering that i have tons of work, business to handle, plus being a father , a husband, a brother , a son , plus social and other commitments. How much time we have left to actually socialise in real life?

i had posted the above in June 2015, but failed in the above project due to various issues including illness.  i have decided to up the game this year and make sure it happens.

Sharing is caring!