Religious Blindness

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Blind Faith is something that always concerns me from the time I was young and with the youth till today as I touch 40 years in age.

In my opinion, blind Faith is very dangerous that could lead people seeking religious hope in a dangerous path. That’s why we have terrorism in different religions which force to kill another or once self for intentions which the faith in reality doesnt preach.

As growing up, I have seen blind Faith that has led to destruction of families, oneself and more just to the fact the person practising it has not truly understood the meaning behind the teachings or in some cases doesn’t want to. Blind Faith almost disrupts your career, support towards your family, your future. 

I have been blessed to work with amazing “practical” priests and nuns. A practical clergy who taught me to find God through his people and children. To find God through Charity. To find God through the living nature around us. To find God in the wind that blows and encompasses me. Or to find God in the silence of a chapel. 

But to blindly listen to a preacher without practical application to reality and hardships , is definitely a recipe to disaster. 

The Bible is a great set of guidelines provided by God, but we need to be educated of it’s reading with the fact that God Loves us and that God wants us to live together as family , to have good futures and to have great kids. All with keeping him in our midst.

Blind Faith takes over all of that. Coz blind Faith is what u make believe of faith and what u end up believe what someone says rather what God wants.

In my experiences of faith, I have always found God in community, when I work with his people. For me the church is the community of people who come to pray together to him. It’s not a construction of bricks. Or not an organization that rules over us. But a religious service platform to encourage the faithful and to guide them toward successful spirituality.

As a kid, I remember this story taught to us during cathechism about a man during flood and disaster who refused to be rescued becoz he said he has so much faith that God will come and save him from all dangers.

Firemen came, he refused. Helicopters came , he refused.everytime he said God will come and save him. Army men came and tried to forefully save him. He fought them and refused. Finally he died and reached heaven when he met St Peter. He asked why God didn’t save him. When he had so much faith in God.

St Peter said. Sir, God had sent the firemen , the helicopters  he even forced the army men to change their path and take u, but u just refused God plan to save you.

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